Metabody_Toulouse 2017

 2 times – 2 spaces

  • Quai des Savoirs, September 23, in the frame of
    La Mêlée Numérique
  • Centre Culturel Bellegarde, October 23-27 and December 16-19, 2017

A meeting between Art-Science and Dance

Metabody_Toulouse is a collaborative platform for experimentation, critical thinking, and presentation of artistic works, either finished or in progress, which proposes transdisciplinary exchanges between artists, scientists, programmers, inventors, researchers, philosophers, etc.

This platform, initiated by the K. Danse Company in Toulouse since 2013, in the frame of its artistic and technological research, is the local extension of the European funded Metabody project.

For the 2017 edition, Metabody_Toulouse presents various works articulated around dance and related scientific research, and developed by local, national and international partners. Specifically, the WholoDance and RCO projects.

Video of the 2016 Edition


production 2014  8 mn video     photo animation

A performance combining contemporary dance and interactive digital media based on a contemporary rewriting of The House of Asterion by Jorge Luis Borges (inspired by the myth of the Minotaur).
The performance can be seen from inside or outside. Duration: 1 hour.

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Press in Barcelona
brief artistic dossier
technical rider
Recent performing date:
– May 17, 2017, Espace Franquin, Festival “Je suis en corps humain…”, Angoulême
Recent presentations:
February 23, 2017, Salle du Jeu du Mail, Pamiers (Ariège)
October 4, 2016, Altigone, St Orens de Gameville (near Toulouse)
Performing date abroad:
October 2015, 1st, 2 and 3, Hiroshima Theater, Barcelona

Metabody_Toulouse 2016

Friday, September 30, 2016, Quai des Savoirs, Toulouse, in the frame of the European Researchers’ Night, 7-11 pm video excerpts of the event        video of Metatopia

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Dance, visual arts, music, digital arts, non verbal communication, architecture

In 2016 Metabody_Toulouse invites in the city three european partners.

The Quai des Savoirs organises the event in the frame of the European Researchers’ Night.

K Danse proposes, in this context, a complete program of performances, installations, concerts, meetings and micro workshops (see detailed program, projects and participants).


MOCO’16 3rd International Symposium on Movement and Computing 5-6 July 2016
and WholoDancE Satellite event 6-7 July Thessaloniki, Greece

K. Danse participates in the MOCO’16 and co direcst several workshops in the context of the WholoDancE project.

Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Thessaloniki, Greece


Performances workshops Central America

Performances made during the “dance-digital arts” workshops in the context of the tour of K. Danse in Central America:
San Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica
February-March 2013.

Support from IF (Institut Français)– Conseil Régional Midi-Pyrénées – IFAC and the network of local French Alliances

The Tiger’s bride

Production 2013 – all audiences – see photos in the read more
full length video           video 10 mn            Touring Central America

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Contemporary dance and interactive digital media
Choreography/concept/images: Anne Holst & Jean-Marc Matos
Interactive design, light and sounds: Scenocosme (Grégory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt)
Created with and danced by Marianne Masson & Mario G. Sáez
A very free, poetic and bitty adaptation of the classical tale « The Beauty and the Beast ».
The energy of the physical contacts between the dancers induces the music and lights in real time, via a customized tactile costume.
Video images are created live by the dancers on stage (landscape of objects, mobile camera)

Workshop “Inter(actions)”

Workshop Inter(actions) at the french Institute Léopold Senghor, Dakar, Senegal

October 24, 25, 26, 2011

Workshop around Isadora, a software for real time treatment of images and sound, as adapted for installations, live performances, etc.

Video by Karen Dermineur

Gameplay (en)

création 2005-2006

Production 2005-2006

in collaboration with artist-programmer Antoine Schmitt
and dancer Benjamin AliotPagès

Gameplay transposes the language and technology of video games to a choreographic environment

Danse e-toile (en)

Production 2009 (Telepresence)

As part of the Festival La Novela K. Danse presents the Danse e-Toile project: Nataraja and the Cosmos, 17 Octobre 2009

Celebrating International Year of Astronomy 2009

Indo-French internet-streamed performance and event

Press clip from daily national Hindu 13/12/2009

Yo aqui estoy (en)

Production Guatemala 2006-2007
Choreographic and video performance for the 25 dancers
of the National Ballet of Guatemala
Premiere: 28 May 2007
National Theater, Guatemala City- 20 mn –