Residency Bogliasco

Residency Bogliasco Foundation, Genoa, Italy, in close collaboration with Research Center Centre InfoMus, Novembre-December 2017.
Demo Performance Solo#1, December 6, 2017, Casa Paganini
Jean-Matos and Marianne Masson, recipients, fall 2017.

Choreographic and technological research aimed at the making of a new hybrid performance mixing interactive dance, image and sound, and using the technologically mediated analysis of emotional states in the very act of dancing.

Support: WholoDance, Lynkeus (Rome), Unige (Genoa), Bogliasco Foundation.



European Research and Education Project (H2020 program)

MOCO’18, InFomus (Unige) Casa Paganini, Genoa, Italy

MOCO’17 Goldsmith University, London, UK

MOCO’16 3rd International Symposium on Movement and Computing, July 2016 and WhoLoDancE Satellite event, Thessaloniki Concert Hall, Thessaloniki, Greece

K. Danse participes in the MOCO Forums and et co directs several workshops in the frame of WholoDancE.

Some comments on the annotation tool for segmentation:

“Segmenting dance movement is not an easy process. The annotation tool was easy to use and the design of interface made the process quite intuitive. Even when a sequence was made of a large number of segments I was still able to segment it properly. In addition, the possibility of saving a draft before hand allowed me to go back to it, make corrections and save a proper version. I must say that going through this process of segmentation can be an important aspect in dance composition and the tool itself can help to push the boundaries of movement memorization and possibly analytical improvement of a given choreography.”