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Narcissus Reflected
– March 21, 8:30 pm, March 22, 2:30 pm, Festival Electrochoc, Bourgoin Jallieu (near Lyon)
– February 16, 2018,  Espace Roguet, Toulouse
(following the l’Institut Français, Barcelona, November 2017, Festival Fenomens) Teaser>

Teaser Narcissus Reflected

Link Arts de la Scène 

RCO (Radical Choreographic Object)
March, 30, 18:30 pm, l’Ardenome, ancien Grenier à sel, (private donation fund EDIS), Avignon
April 13-14, 21018, 8:30 pm, Theater le Ring, Toulouse
(following the Bellegarde Cultural Center, Toulouse, December and the CENTQUATRE, Paris, November 2017)
– May 18, 8:30 pm, Theater Marcel Pagnol, Villeneuve-Tolosane (near Toulouse)

Teaser RCO

> BodyFail
Pulsar Open Art Prize – Le Louvre (Pyramid), February 6, 2018 (private evening)
(following the Fondation Groupe EDF, Paris, December 2017) news sur Twitter, site of the projetFacebook

Teaser BodyFail

WhoLoDancE in Toulouse, December 2017, CC Bellegarde (in the context of Metabody_Toulouse 2017)

> Residency Bogliasco Foundation , Genoa, Italy,  Nov.-Dec., 2017 – presentation, Dec. 2017, Casa Paganini
> Metaphorá at the Ramonville Cultural Center, Nov., 2017
> Link Caliban (Créature Artificielle – Machine Vivante project, with Thomas Peyruse and Manon Schnetzler)
> News fall of 2017
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> Connect Performance
> Site specific performance Metatopia
> Communication partner  CLAAPS

Narcissus Reflected

Production 2017 with Arnaud Courcelle

Participative performance via smartphones    teaser    10mn video

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Upcoming presentations:
– February 16, 2018 – Theater Roguet, Toulouse
– March 21 & 22, 2018 – Electochoc Festival, Bourgoin-Jallieu
(near Lyon)

Recent presentation:
November 10, 2017, French Institute, Barcelona
(as part of the Fenomens Festival)

Choreography: Anne Holst & Jean-Marc Matos
Digital scenography, design of the participative set: Arnaud Courcelle
Dancers-performers, creative partners: Fabien Gautier & Marianne Masson
Music: Emmanuel Mondolfo
Lights: Yarol Stuber


Production 2017-2018  (Radical Choreographic Object)

with Sarah Fdili Alaoui (scientist and artist) teaser

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Next presentations:
– March 30, 18:30 pm, Opening Exhibition at the Ardenome, ancien Grenier à sel, (donation fund EDIS), Avignon
– April 13-14, 2018, 8:30 pm, Theater Le Ring, Toulouse
– May 18, 2018, Theater Marcel Pagnol, Villeneuve-Tolosane
First presentations:

– November 7, 2017, Le 104, Paris (50th anniversary of the INRIA)
– December 19, 2017, Bellegarde Cultural Center, Toulouse as part of the Metabody_Toulouse 2017 event

RCO is an interactive participatory dance performance, with variable scales, which unfolds according to the physical behavior of audience participation and their reactions instructed via their smartphones. Audiences, as they desire, trigger rules which they discover little by little.

Errance (Variations on the labyrinth)

production 2015   video 7mn   photos  (Fabien Leprieult and K. Danse)  teaser (1mn39s)
Based on the multiple meanings of the labyrinth, Errance is a hybrid project which combines both an interactive immersive installation, live dance performance and physical involvement of the audience.

Theater Le Ring, Toulouse
December  2015
Errance is an integral part of the research and creative experimentation being developed in the context of the European project Metabody