Talos le robot (1988) extrait vidéo
VI interactif (1991) extrait vidéo
Ex-it (1998)
Diod (1997)
Touch (1998)
La rose des sables (Anne Holst 1998)
Indus et Europa (1995-1997)

Period 1988-1998:

Video compilation 1991-1995

Slide show of early works

  • Ex-it (1998)
  • La rose des sables (Anne Holst 1998)
  • Diod (1997)
  • Touch with Cathy Vogan1997-2000. Cathy Vogan and choreographer Jean Marc Matos were commissioned by Don Foresta, on behalf of Telecom Interactive 97, to create an online ballet based on the idea and technique of video conferencing. It seemed interesting to the artists to speak about the most intimate encounters one might have with this technology, and to discern its limits. ‘Touch’ continues after ‘No Way Buster’ with the theme of love and separation, exploring body the possibily of erotic play with the tools at hand, and the challenge that no touch eventually represents. Touch toured France over a 2 year period, passing though Rouen, Albi and finally Paris in 2000.
  • choreography in video “Pleasure and pain” (Cathy Vogan)
  • Indus and Europa (1995-1997)
  • Irma (1995)
  • L’âne rouge (1994)
  • Io (1992-1995)
  • Ville Invisible – interactive solo (1991) video excerpt
  • Electronik Kamasutra (1989) video dance
  • The man who knew how to talk to birds (1989)
  • Talos the robot (1988) video excerpt
  • Talos and Koiné (1988) Cathy Vogan’s first theatrical work in France; a collaboration with choreographer-engineer Jean Marc Matos, and composers Michel Redolphi, Michel Pascal and Drew Norman (Evil Dead 2 soundtrack). The project was a “ballet electronique” for 4 dancers and a robot, and it was performed at the Acropolis Theatre in Nice for the 1988 Manca Festival. The theme of “Talos and Koine” is man’s relationship to both clock and machine.

Period 1979-1987:

  • Littoral en 1/F (1987)
  • Fractalis (1986)
  • Cité (1985)
  • Iles (1984)
  • Synthetic Pleasure (1983)
  • Wake (1982)
  • Altered Suite in Variable Terrains (1981)
  • Fields (1980)
  • 11 proposals in 6 ways of playing games (1979)
  • Murmurs of Earth (1979)
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