D(is)T-D(ance) noticias

By 18 marzo 2021Actualités, Noticias

Recipient of the call for proposals “fonds de soutien” covid19 of the “Pyrénées Méditerranée” Euroregion.
Platform for on line dance connecting K. Danse (Tlse), Konic Thtr (Barcelona) and Cy MAO (Palma of Majorca) / October-December 2021

A collaboration between 3 regions: Occitania, Catalonya and the Balearic Islands.

The D(is)T-D(anse) project aims at creating new dramaturgies for live arts, and dance in particular, based on telematics. It launches the making of a live telepresence dance performance, made simultaneously in three distant locations. Audiences can attend either locally or via internet.

Links of partners, the other two dance companies: Konic thtr, Cia Mariantonia Oliver