K. Danse

Contemporary dance Company involved in many production, mediation and research projects integrating dance and digital arts.

The choreographic approach of the K. Danse Company develops a contemporary movement language by the dialectic confrontation between the physical body (lived, experienced) and the visual body (seen, virtual). Vimeo channel – Contact – Numeridanse

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Production 2018-2019
Interactive dance performance



Production 2017-2018
(Radical Choreographic Object)



Production 2017-2018
Installation - performance Dance and AI (Pulsar Prize)


Narcissus Reflected

Production 2017
Participatory dance performance via smartphones

RCO Remixed ActualitésNews
18 April 2020

RCO remixed

Interactive experience in VR (virtual reality) > April, 22-26, 2020, "Real Body - Virtual Body" immersive experience selected by the International Festival of Art and Virtual Reality @Recto_VRso of @lavalvirtual…
17 April 2020

RCO (Radical Choreographic Object)

> January 31, 2020, EXPLORE ! event, ENS Paris-Saclay > November 15, 2019, CURIOSITas Festival, Conservatory of Paris-Saclay (Orsay) > September 26, 2019, Tomorrow's Stories Festival, Bellegarde cultural Center, Toulouse…
16 April 2020


> January 16, 2020, Salle du Jeu De Mail, Pamiers (Ariège, Occitania, France), 8:30 pm > April 25, 2019, FIAV, Theater of the French Institute, Casablanca, Morocco (International Festival of Video…
15 April 2020

2 Pandores news

> November 14, 2019, Theater of the French Institute, Madrid, Spain. In the context of Novembre numérique 2019. Information on https://www.institutfrancais.es/madrid/evento/noviembre-digital-two-pandoras-the-thin-membrane-between-resiliency-and-fragility/ - full dossier Residency at Teatro de les Canales, Madrid,…
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