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Performance at the Ramonville Cultural Center, Novembre 17, 8:30 pm

Metaphorá (Public transport), production 2016, continuation of Errance.
Interactive, immersive installation, choreographic performance, audience participation.
A unique environment as a shared experience between choreography, sensitive bodies and a community of audience members.

Choreography/staging / concept: Anne Holst & Jean-Marc Matos
Partners (interactive design, video, generative images): Aurélie Dumaret & Emilie Villemagne (1minute69)
Dancers, performers: Marianne Masson & Mario G. Sáez
Interactive environment programming: Arnaud Courcelle
Original musical composition: Emmanuel Mondolfo
Technical installation: Yarol Stuber

Video shooting: Claude Jeanmart
Photo credits: Fabien Leprieult

Première Theater le Ring, Toulouse, April 1st and 2, 2016

Theater Marcel Pagnol, Villeneuve-Tolosane, May 27, 2016