Ada ArtEina. Mediterranean Pyrenees Euroregional Project

K. Danse once again participates in a new Euroregional Pyrenees-Mediterranean Project, (Occitania, Catalunia, Balearic Islands) this time, alongside with the companies Kòniclab (Barcelona) and Baal (Mayorca). In the project, we will develop and share tools to integrate the body and movement in the environment, through creative digital technologies, from a gender policy perspective, and with a special focus on youth.

Its main activity will be 3 collaborative days of Dance and Digital Culture, with performances, training activities, debates, research-creation and exhibition:

4-8/09 Son Servera, Majorca, Balearic Islands, Spain program
2-3/11 ECOSS Festival, Barcelona, Spain
7-8/12 Toulouse, France

The acronym “Ada ArtEina” refers to Ada Lovelace, considered the first person to program a computer, and also to art as a tool (“Eina”) for social change.

Ada ArtEina builds on the previous project, D(is)T-D(ance), which already enjoyed the support of the Euroregion, and on the long experience of the partners in the fields of movement, technology and feminist activism, within the artistic practice.
Participants, on the side of K. Danse: Laure Lapeyre, performer actress and Arnaud Courcelle, digital artist (maker of the interactive set for the “Focale-Z” performance)

The objectives are:
– Create artistic, playful and didactic experiences through physical, spatial, sound and light interaction (body-object-space-sound-light-color), using digital tools, in an innovative way; from interactive installations to participatory projects with interactive technologies or performances.
– Develop the project from a feminist and gender equality perspective, with a marked objective of empowerment, through adapted creative workshops, aimed at women, groups with gender and/or functional diversity, adolescents and children, immigrants, etc.
– Share tools, knowledge and work methodologies, as well as their own creations, to enrich exchanges and generate critical reflections.
– Apply the tools developed and shared with young people,children and vulnerable groups.
– Disseminate all these activities so that they reach the largest possible number of people.

The news of the project can be followed through the social networks Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter and LinkedIn.