F_AI_L  production 2024     dossier

Dance and AI, full-fledged performance and installation open to the public.
Dance and AI project that questions the fallibility of AI when it confronts and dialogues with the body, through the interactive comparison between standardized and unusual movements.

sample of projected images

sampled images

Instagram    video test 001

video test 002 (residency Arts Fabrik, Montpellier) 04, 2024

video trailer (6 mnn): https://vimeo.com/987216525

The project has been granted by the CNC (French National Center of Cinematography – Écritures Numériques Auteurs Jeu Vidéo & Création Immersive)

An unlikely dialogue with an AI, a digital creature trained with a database consisting of a very large number of recorded dance videos.
The image transforms itself according to the unusual, disaligned movements… a body to explore.
Words serve both as an interpretation of what the machine captures and as invitations to go along with it.
The “body” of this creature is everywhere in the setup.

F_AI_L is capable of interpreting the smallest movements, fragments of behavior, all kinds of gestures and attitudes, intentions. An invitation to explore other ways of moving, to explore states of the body, etc., to develop a relationship according to your creative inspiration.

F_AI_L is a performative installation where the movements of a spectator are captured and interpreted by an AI.
The more confident the AI is in recognizing the current movement, the simpler and more stereotypical the representation of the body becomes. A body to be exhibited.
Conversely, the more the movements deviate from the usual, the more the AI makes mistakes and proposes numerous interpretations, as it is unable to discern the smallest variations.
The representation of the body becomes more complex and closer to human.
A body to be explored.
The dance in this project is inspired by a thorough research on everyday gestures and attitudes.
A performance initiates each presentation.
The spectators are invited in turn to participate and live an experience of “somaesthesia”, increasing their perception of bodily sensations, such as limb position and proprioception.
As they step outside of normative movement frameworks, they are encouraged to explore new forms of movements. Will it be a body to exhibit or a body to explore?
It is the relationship with the present AI that will determine it…
The “F_AI_L” project highlights the fallibility of the AI used in this project, via a “lived” movement and not simply a “reproduced” one.

Jean-Marc Matos, choreographer
Clément Barbisan, artist programmer
Evane Duguet, dancer, performer

September 9-13: Cultural Center Ernest Renan, Toulouse > Premiere: September 13, 7pm
September 2-6 and June24-28: Studio La Vannerie, Toulouse
May 13-17: Cultural Center Bellegarde, Toulouse > first presentation/ May
April 1st-5: Arts Fabrik (Cie Yann Lheureux), Mas Gentil, Combaillaux, near Montpellier (Hérault) > presentation: April 5
February 26- March 2: Cultural Center Ernest Renan, Toulouse > presentation: March 1st
January 22-26: Theater la Brique Rouge, Toulouse
– Exploratory residency, Quai des Savoirs, Toulouse, August 28 août-September 1st, 2023 : tests, experimentations, computer traning sessions with performer Evane Duguet and development of a first data set made of 500 short videos


• European Bodynet-Khoros project: (Spain, France, Greece) – Creative center Casa de la Libertad, Zorita, Salamanque, Spain – University of the Aegean, Lesvos, Greece
• Ecoss Festival, Konic Thtr, Barcelona
. Cultural Bureau of  Villeneuve-Tolosane (Toulouse Metropole)
. Cultural Center Ernest Renan, Toulouse
. Cultural Center Bellegarde, Toulouse
Coproduction and scientific / technological  collaborations:
. Le Quai des Savoirs (Toulouse) . The LAAS (Laboratory of analysis and architecture of systems -CNRS, Toulouse) . The IRIT (Institute of Computer Research of Toulouse) . InfoMus (Research Center Casa Paganini, Genoa, Italy)
Institutionnal support:
• City of Toulouse
• Local Council of the Haute-Garonne