Production 2017 with Arnaud Courcelle

Participative performance via smartphones    teaser    10mn video
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Residency for re-enacting, September 20-24, 2021, Maison du Savoir, Saint Laurent de Neste (near Tarbes), with workshops for primary and graduate schools
– September 14, 2018, Maison du Savoir, Saint-Laurent de Neste (near Tarbes)
– February 16, 2018 – Theater Roguet, Toulouse
– March 21 & 22, 2018 – Electochoc Festival, Bourgoin-Jallieu (near Lyon)
– November 10, 2017, French Institute, Barcelona (as part of the Fenomens Festival)
– April, 28 and 29, 2017, Theater Le Ring, Toulouse
– June 16, 2017, Marcel Pagnol Theater (Villeneuve-Tolosane)

Interactions with audiences are made through messages sent (in French, Chinese, English or any other language), via a local mobile telephone network (which we provide), on the smartphones of participating audiences.

Choreography: Anne Holst & Jean-Marc Matos
Digital scenography, design of the participative set: Arnaud Courcelle
Dancers-performers, creative partners: Fabien Gautier & Marianne Masson
Music: Emmanuel Mondolfo
Lights: Yarol Stuber


Photos: Fabien Leprieult
Video shooting: Claude Jeanmart, Emmanuel Rufié
Video editing: Anouk Mignot, Nicolas Le Turc

Residencies and support: Theater Le Ring, Toulouse – CDCN, Toulouse – School of artistic education, Tournefeuille – Theater Marcel Pagnol, Villeneuve-Tolosane.

Playful confrontation between the Judo-Christian values anchored in our culture and the new values of our individualistic society that legitimizes narcissism and the cultivation of the self.
Continuous interaction with the audience via their smartphones.

With Narcissus Reflected we continue our commitment towards the mixing of contemporary dance with digital arts. Narcissus has replaced Oedipus.
In this original piece, performed by two excellent dancers, we address the question of the moral values of our contemporary society that legitimizes, little by little, the sense of individualism and the cultivation of the self. Pride has become a virtue; feelings of guilt have disappeared.

Used in an unusual way in this project, digital technology contributes to the playfulness of the piece.
Audiences carry in their hands a technical responsibility: via their smartphones, and a specially designed program, they get involved in the action taking place on stage.

In a humoristic, provocative – yet profound – way the possibilities of “voting” and acting upon how the choreography unfolds, question our relationship with everyday technologies.
Choreography is also renewed through the use of a principle of repetition as compositional tool.
This repetition is based on the seven sins.
For each sequence audiences choose their sin, vote, lead the game…
For each sequence the dancers enact their movements, inquire about what to do next, repeat the choreographic motifs, without being aware of why they do so. A question is put forward: How to comply with the quest for meaning, and find again the sense of the sacred beyond our ordinary practices?
Bodies in motion as faces of an answer.

Through its high artistic quality and its technological innovation, both on the level of the choreography and the participative concept, Narcissus Reflected is informed by current political, religious and social events and transcribes the extactic energy, the sense of urgency, the violence and the convulsions of the world.

Upon request a complete technical rider can be made available.