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Interactive installation with performance

Dance and artificial intelligence

Collaboration with artist designer Thomas Guillemet
and programmer Clément Barbisan.
Recipient of the Pulsar Open Art Prize 2017.

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Recent presentation:
– September 24, 2020, European Night of Researchers, Quai des Savoirs, Toulouse / Cancelled because of the Covid pandemia).
Other presentations:
– September 30, 2018, Entretiens de Royaumont, La Sorbonne Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Institut Français)
– February 6, 2018, Pyramid of the Louvre, Paris (private Accenture evening)
– May 2018, exhibition « mutations/creations: coding the world », Georges Pompidou Center, Paris
– April 2018, Galerie of the Crous, Paris (personal exhibition by Thomas Guillemet)
– December 8-14, 2017, Groupe EDF Foundation , Paris

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Dancer-performer Pauline Lavergne and Video artist-photographer Yoan Rihouay.

Automated analysis of movement qualities with EyesWeb: Casa Paganini-InfoMus Research Centre, DIBRIS, University of Genoa. EyesWeb patches developed by Stefano Piana.

“The body as the limit of the computer code”, is an interactive life-size installation where a numerical system tracks and analyses the minutest gesture of the body. Visitors go through an experience inside this laboratory of physical exploration which transcribes their movements visually and into sound in real time through a network of neurons created in collaboration with InfoMus*, and mediated choreographically by a performer. By bypassing the computer code through the invention of unconventional movement qualities, visitors can bring the system to “crash”. The machine then calculates and collects the participants’ movements in the form of a score of gestural “errors” visible in the installation as a mirror interpretation.

*Research Center InfoMus Casa Paganini, Genoa, Italy

Concept & ​creation: Clément Barbisan (programmer), Thomas Guillemet (artist and​ designer), Jean-Marc Matos (choreographer)
Team: Pauline Lavergne (dancer-performer), Yoan Rihouay (video film maker), Stefano Piana (computer engineer at the Research Center InfoMus Casa Paganini, Director Antonio Camurri, Genoa, Italy)

Partners: Pulsar The Open Art Prize, Fondation Groupe EDF, TechShop Paris/Ivry, DRAC Ile de France, The Contemporary Art Center of Auvers sur Oise, The Fondation de France, campus for startups Station F, Accenture


photos The Louvre: Jean-Marc Matos