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By 6 December 2017Actualités, News

Residency Bogliasco Foundation, Genoa, Italy, in close collaboration with Research Center Centre InfoMus, Novembre-December 2017 (project selected in the Dance section amongst more than 450 candidates throughout the USA and Europe).
Demo Performance Solo#1, December 6, 2017, Casa Paganini
Jean-Matos and Marianne Masson, recipients, fall 2017.

Choreographic and technological research aimed at the making of a new hybrid performance mixing interactive dance, image and sound, and using the technologically mediated analysis of emotional states in the very act of dancing.

Support: WholoDance, Lynkeus (Rome), Unige (Genoa), Bogliasco Foundation.

The challenge is to make the digital able to unveil the invisible in dance movement such as body qualities and tensions associated with emotional states.

Demo Performance Solo#1 is a public presentation of the results of choreographic and technological research aimed at the making of a hybrid performance mixing interactive dance, image and sound.

This event, supported by EU Horizon 2020 ICT Wholodance, is the first presentation of the artistic project by Jean-Marc Matos (K. Danse), Marianne Masson, Antoine Schmitt and Casa Paganini Infomus. Demo Performance Solo#1 has been elaborated during the residency at Bogliasco Foundation and will be developed in 2018-2019.

The students of the Digital Humanities master degree, University of Genoa Alberto Lasso, Oxana Manokhina, Giulia Perdomini, Marina Saglietti, Martina Sciaccaluga, will present an installation where “intelligent mirrors” react in an instant and interactive way to the movement qualities of the visitors.