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By 25 enero 2021Actualités, Noticias

Production 2021  – Research Laboratory
> November 30-December 4, 2020 – CDCN Occitanie (Metabody_Toulouse #3)
> December 7-11, 2020 –  – Studio La Vannerie (Cy La Baraque), Toulouse
An eutopia for two human beings immersed in a milieu with complex rules and where the relationship of the individual versus the group is at stake. – dossier
Co-concept, choreography: Jean-Marc Matos
Co-concept, design of the interactive visual and sonic tableaux:
Antoine Schmitt
Dancers: Izaskun Insausti & Lucien Brabec
Lights: Fabien Leprieult
Costumes: Flaure Diallo

Eutopia is the neologism invented in 1516 by the English writer Thomas More in his book The Utopia which gives its name to the Imaginary island. Different from utopia whose privative prefix u and the radical topos mean ” a place that does not exist”, different from dystopia whose prefix mean “bad”, eutopia is constructed with the prefix eu-, which means « a place of good ».