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By 12 agosto 2020Actualités, Noticias

Friday October 2 (2pm) and Saturday October 3 (8:30 pm) 2020 –  le Ring Scène périphérique, Toulouse – Creative residency – First experimental presentation – Dance and Robotics – with Ambre Cazier, Lisa Biscaro Balle, Marianne Masson, Claire Madern, Thomas Peyruse and Fabien Leprieult
Residency September 21-October 1st 2020 – le Ring Scène périphérique.
Presentation for children – Theater Marcel Pagnol, Villeneuve-Tolosane, October 6, 2:30 pm
Residency November 2-6 – Studio La Vannerie, St Simon (Cie La Baraque), Toulouse
3 women and 1 animated semi-autonomous machine. Unexpected encounter between three human indiduals and a flexible machine endowed with a no less souple personality.
Link: https://www.k-danse.net/portfolio/magh/