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By 6 May 2023Actualités, News

> January 14, 2023, MCC, Bourg en Bresse. teaser .
> November 12, 2022, Matisse cultural space, Soyaux (Angoulême), ANDS project
> October 1st, 2022, Mercurio, Festival, Italy
Choreographers: Ahlam El Morsli, Wajdi Gagui & Jean-Marc Matos
Dancers: Ahlam El Morsli & Wajdi Gagui
Digital artist: Arnaud Courcelle
Production and touring: Majid Seddati (FIAV, festival, Casablanca)
> May 16-22, 2022, Residency at the Choreographic Center La Termitière (direction Salia Sanou), Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, with the support of the French Institute, Paris
> April 25, 2022, Rabia Aljassad Festival , Tunis, Tunisia
> November 23, 2021, Theater of the French Institute, Casablanca, FIAV International Festival of Video 21, Morroco – Nov 12-18, 2021, Residency 2, French Institute of Tétouan – Novembre numérique – teaser – Nov 20, FI of Fès  – Production – Collaboration between the Occitanie Region-Morroco, K. Danse and Col’jam
> Winter-Spreing 2022, Residency at the CDC la Termitière (dir Salia Sanou), Ougadougou, Burkina Faso
> September 7-16, 2021, Residency 1, Theater of the French Institute, Casablanca, Morroco
« Maraya Arrouh” (mirrors of the soul), an hybridization between the body and digital media, dance and interactive imagery, at the service of a shared spirituality, a face of an answer, an imagined remedy against our harmful world.