A “dance-multimedia-distant dialogue” project supported by “Toulouse Metropole” 2008-2018

as part of the “Jeunes e-Toile” project for and with children with the support of Toulouse Metropole in many cities and small towns of the Toulouse Metropolitan area, involving each year 3 community centers of 3 different cities, offering workshops, performance making and exchanges between towns, 2008-2018.

Choreographic performance made with children from the cities of Saint-Jean, Fonbeauzard and Tournefeuille

– December 6, 2012, Espace Palumbo, Saint-Jean, distant dialogue with Fonbeauzard

– December 11, 2012, Community Hall, Fonbeauzard, distant dialogue with Saint-Jean

– January 13, 2013, Theater l’Escale, Tournefeuille, distant dialog with Saint-Jean