re Production 2019, dance-multimedia solo performance

– January 9, 2020, Salle du Jeu De Mail, Pamiers (Ariège, near Toulouse)
– October, 19-20, 2019, Periferias Festival, Micro Raices y Cables, Huesca, Spain

Concept, choreography: Jean-Marc Matos
Dance: Ambre Cazier (2019 version)
Music: Phil Von and sound design by Jean-Marc Matos

A meeting between two abstractions.

Through a simultaneous dialog this project interrogates the double perception of the body and image.

The choreography creates an aesthetic exchange across the physical and the digital where human corporeal exchange is the heart of the matter and induced by the musical and visual composition.

Games of shared geometry, illusions of disapearance, mental projections, writings on the skin, …

duration: 12 mn (video excerpts: 1 mn)

music: Phil Von (Deadline now)


photo credits: Lisa Bisacaro Balle and K. Danse