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By 17 August 2023Actualités, News

> August 29, 5 pm, Summer University of the CFDT,
château of Bierville, Boissy-la-Rivière, near Etampes, Essonne
with Sarah Fdili Alaoui, David Mazon, Izaskun Insausti, Loren Coquillat, Mario Garcia Saèz, Pauline Lavergne and Arnaud Courcelle
Participatory and site-specific choreographic performance with interaction via smartphones, at will…
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Choreographers: Jean-Marc Matos & Sarah Fdili Alaoui
Technological collaboration: Arnaud Courcelle (main designer of the interactive set via mobile phones)
Sound design: Jean-Marc Matos
Costumes:  Aline Pérot