Focal-Z performance workshop

Interactive body-image installation by the digital artist, creator of the device: Arnaud Courcelle

Focale-Z is a digital poem, which attempts to give a personal vision on the aesthetics of the disappearance of the body.
The workshop offers generative musical AI.
Project born within the Euroregional platform Ada ArtEina
Jean-Marc Matos, choreographer, responsible for the workshops and the making of the performance
Arnaud Courcelle, digital artist and musician
Laure Lapeyre, performer and mediator with audiences

Recent and upcoming presentations:
7-8/09/2023: Son Servera, Sa Maniga auditorium, Majorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
2-3/11/2023: @ECOSS Festival, Fabrica de Coats, Barcelona, Spain
7-8/12/2023: La Vannerie, Toulouse, France
1/30/2023: Village hall, Bérat, Haute-Garonne
2/08/2024: INSA Toulouse (school of engineers, INS’ART program)
5/07/2024: Theater Marcel Pagnol, Villeneuve-Tolosane (near Toulouse)

Video of a workshop (Participants: Amateur high school girls, Lycée Bourgoin-Jallieu)

Laure Lapeyre is an actress, and performer. Her research lies in physical theater as well as in the relationship with the camera.
She works in Toulouse in theater, dance and cinema.
Arnaud Courcelle. Digital artist and musician. His work develops processes dedicated to performance and improvisation. He creates digital interfaces and develops a reflection around the creation of a common language between artistic mediums. He designs software for video projection, integrating modules managing human-machine interaction, allowing him to interplay creatively with the movements of dancers and the sounds of musicians.