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video teaser
8 mn video
Immersive, site-specific, participatory, and interactive live performance.
A speculative and post-human science f(r)iction.
Audiences, projected into the future, can, at will, act upon and dialogue with an hybrid being, sort of “organorg”,
enclosed for eternity inside a protective capsule.
This creature is nothing more than one, amongst many “Immortal(s)s”, which has been ostracized.
A meeting between two intelligences: the artificial one and the corporeal one.
 > Premiere: May 26, 2023, Cultural Center Bellegarde, Toulouse, France
> September, 6 pm, Tourist Office, Saverdun, Ariège, Occitania. Invitation: Ass les Mille Tiroirs

2084, Different times, different customs.
The Immortals have become circus animals confined in cages and exhibited to the glory of past technology.
Visitors can observe and tease them as one would with trained monkeys.
The Immortal embodies an “almost human” sophisticated AI.
She tries to relive forgotten memories. She is struggling to connect with humans.
She awaits the audience…

The set is installed inside an immersive 3 walls, video mapped space. Audiences communicate with the creature via a tactile cartel.

Artistic team:
Concept and choreography: Jean-Marc Matos (Cie K. Danse
Collaboration, digital design, original idea: Arnaud Courcelle (
Performeur and dancer: Antonella Sampieri (
Technical support: Adèle Willemin
Costume designer: Rosine Peyrefitte
Video shooting and editing: Glenn Felix (music: Astrid Sonne)
Co-production and scientific collaboration: the Quai des Savoirs, the LAAS (Laboratory of Analysis and Architecture of Systems) CNRS, Toulouse, France

– “Love is the Turing test. [..] This is how we verify life. ”
     Catherynne Valente, “Silently and Very fast” (science fiction writer)
– “Like diamonds we are cut with our own dust. ” John Webster, “The Duchess of Malfi”
– “Thus, age by age – oh, how soon, my Lord? – 
Under the art and nature’s scalpel, 
Our spirit 
     screams, and flesh is worn
     By giving birth to the sixth sense’s organ.” Nikolai Gumilev

* Quai Des Savoirs, Toulouse
* Bellegarde Cultural Center, Toulouse
* Association Les Mille Tiroirs, Pamiers
* City of Villeneuve-Tolosane (Toulouse Metropole)
* European funded  Bodynet-Khoros project (Spain, France, Greece) – Cultural Center Casa de la Libertad, Zorita, Salamanca, Spain
* Ecoss Festival , Konic Thtr, Barcelona
* Euroregional project Ada ArtEina (Catalonia, Balearic Islands, Occitania)
* the LAAS (Laboratory of Analysis and Architecture of Systems), CNRS Toulouse
* IRIT (Institute of Research on Computer Science, Toulouse)

Institutional support:
European Union, Regional Council of Occitania, City of Toulouse,
Toulouse Metropole, Local Council of the Haute-Garonne

photo credits, in the order: 0, 1 et 2 Emmanuel Grimault, 3 Arnaud Courcelle, 4-1 et 4-2 Emmanuel Grimault, 5 Fabien Leprieult, 6 Emmanuel Grimault, 7 Fabien Leprieult