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« Maraya Arrouh” (mirrors of the soul), a hybridization between the body and the digital, dance and interactive images, at the service of a shared spirituality, a face of an answer, an imagined remedy for a damaged world

The “Maraya Arrouh” project is the result of a collaboration between the K. Danse Cy (Jean-Marc Matos), based in France (Toulouse) and the Col’jam Cy (Ahlam El Morsli, Wajdi Gagui) based in Morocco (Casablanca). It is based on a fusion of the choreographic approach of Ahlam El Morsli and Wajdi Gagui with the artistic proposals of choreographer Jean-Marc Matos and digital artist Arnaud Courcelle, articulated around artist residencies in Casablanca, Tetouan, 2021, and at the CDC La Termitière in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), 2022.

Choreographers: Ahlam El Morsli, Wajdi Gagui and Jean-Marc Matos
Dancers: Ahlam El Morsli & Wajdi Gagui
Digital artist: Arnaud Courcelle
Production and distribution: Majid Seddati

The performance, deeply inspired bt the spiritual approach of Soufism, questions also man-woman relationships and proposes, in its hybrid version, the complte integration of a highly expressive dance with a digital scenography which magnifies and closely accompanies the choreographic staging.
The project, in its totality, proposes:
– A joint dance-technology new work (dance, music, image, interactive scenography)
– The pooling of professional expertise
– Creation residencies shared between Casablanca and Toulouse
– Mediation on choreographic and digital culture, in both countries

The work resulting from this collaboration was first presented in Casablanca, at the opening of the FIAV 2021 Festival.

> December 12, 2024, Kiasma Theater (Montpellier)
> October 1st, 2024, eXentric Festival, Baia Mare, Roumania
> December 21, 2023, CC Alban Minville, Toulouse (in the frame of the DANS/E project on cultural experimentation and  peéfiguration of the future City of Dance, supported byt the City of Toulouse and the Drac Occitania).
> January 14, 2023, MCC, Bourg en Bresse
> November 12, 2022, Matisse cultural space, Soyaux (Angoulême), in the frame of the ANDS project
> October 1st, 2022, Mercurio Festival, Palermo, Italy
> May 16-22, 2022, Residency at the Choreographic Center La Termitière (directorship Salia Sanou), Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, with the support of the French Institute, Paris, France
> April 25, 2022, Rabia Aljassad Festival, Tunis, Tunisia
> November 23, 2021, Theater of the French Institute, Casablanca, opening the FIAV International Festival of Video Art 21, Morocco
> November 12-18, 2021, Residency #2, French Institute of Tetouan – “Novembre numérique” – Nov 20 at the FI of Fès – with the suport of the French Occitanie Region
> September 7-16, 2021, Residence #1, Theater of the French Institute, Casablanca

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Support: the network of the FI in Morocco