The performances make use of the latest digital technologies to create live interactive environments (mobile phones, reactive clothing, physiological sensors, optical tracking sensors, body sensors, on line internet performances, etc.):

_ Myselves 2018-2019 (interactive dance performance) with Antoine Schmitt and Marianne Masson
_ Narcissus Reflected 2017 (participative performance) with Arnaud Courcelle
RCO (Radical Choreographic Object) 2017-2018 (dance and mobile phones) with Sarah Fdili Alaoui
_ Errance 2015, Metaphorá 2016 (interactive installation-performance-physical audience participation) with
    duo 1minute69
_ Monster 2014 (visual design and digital scenography) with duo 1minute69
_ The Tiger’s Bride 2013, Tactile Sensations 2011-2012 (reactive costumes and augmented tactility) with Scenocosme
_ Echo Room 2009, Para_site 2007 (physiological sensors)
_ Gameplay 2005 (semi-autonomous objects and interactive tracking) with digital artist Antoine Schmitt
_ Nuit Ecran 2006, Lovely user  2004/5 (interactive real time image-sound environments)
_ Icare Ecart 2003 (body sensors, interactive 3D and motion capture)
_ Danse e-Toile 2009, Fronter@ 2004, Danse et Toile 2002 (tele presence via internet) …