The performances make use of the latest digital technologies to create live interactive environments (Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality, robotics, real time motion capture, live video mapping, mobile phones, reactive clothing, physiological sensors, optical tracking sensors, body sensors, online internet tele-presence, etc.):

Between us, 2023-2024, dance performance using real time motion capture, with Florian Girardot
Dancing with Gods, 2023-2024, VR installation, with Natalya Velikanova and Manuel Sabiato
Immortelle(s), 2023-2024, participatory dance installation/performance, with Arnaud Courcelle

_Gameplay Level2,  2021 (interactive dance performance) with Antoine Schmitt
_ *Magh, 2020 (dance and robotics) with Thomas Peyruse Caliban Midi 
_ Myselves 2019 (interactive dance performance) with Antoine Schmitt and Marianne Masson
_ RCO Remixed, 2018 (VR installation) with Frédéric Daubagna
_Bodyfail 2018 (dance and Artificial Intelligence) with Thomas Guillemet and Clément Barbisan
RCO (Radical Choreographic Object) 2017-2018 (dance and mobile phones) with Sarah Fdili Alaoui
_ Narcissus Reflected 2017 (participative performance) with Arnaud Courcelle
_ Errance 2015, Metaphorá 2016 (interactive installation-performance-physical audience participation) with
    duo 1minute69
_ Monster 2014 (visual design and digital scenography) with duo 1minute69
_ The Tiger’s Bride 2013, Tactile Sensations 2011-2012 (reactive costumes and augmented tactility) with Scenocosme
_ Echo Room 2009, Para_site 2007 (physiological sensors)
_ Gameplay 2005 (semi-autonomous objects and interactive tracking) with digital artist Antoine Schmitt
_ Nuit Ecran 2006, Lovely user  2004/5 (interactive real time image-sound environments)
_ Icare Ecart 2003 (body sensors, interactive 3D and motion capture)
_ Danse e-Toile 2009, Fronter@ 2004, Danse et Toile 2002 (tele presence via internet) …