K. Danse (choreographer Jean-Marc Matos), proposes, for the 2024-2025 season: (see photos, video excerpts and short description below)

K. Danse is a multidisciplinary company involved in numerous creative projects mixing contemporary dance and digital arts.
The choreographic approach of the Compagnie K. Danse develops a contemporary movement language by the dialectic confrontation between the physical body (lived, experienced) and the visual body (seen, virtual).

Some information to share:  See photos and video excerpts below
– for a general overview of K. Danse https://www.k-danse.net/ (descriptive texts, photos, video excerpts)
– in the section https://www.k-danse.net/en/portfolio/spectacles-en-diffusion/you can find descriptions and links to video excerpts.
Our projects are both distinct in their formats, and linked by a particular attention paid to the hybridization between live performance and digital environments, with a special attention towards sustainability and inclusion.

Contact: kdmatos@orange.fr  

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These five projects are both distinct in their format, and connected via a particular attention paid to the hybridization of contemporary dance and digital arts:
« Myselves », « RCO », « Maraya Arrouh », « F_AI_L ».



« Myselves »: immersive, poetic and contemplative performance. https://www.k-danse.net/en/portfolio/myselves/
A beautiful solo, see a short video here
This performance, created with digital artist Antoine Schmitt, and Marianne Masson, is back on the road again: Festival Année Zéro at Bernay in Normandie, Theater Magtymgouli and French Institute of Achgabat (30rd anniversary of the UE-Turkmenistan relationship), with the help of the French Institute Paris.
It will be presented on December 12, 2024, at the Kiasma Theater, Castelnau-le-Lez (Montpellier)

« RCO (Radical Choreographic Object) »: playful and reflexive performance, created with Sarah Fdili Alaoui, which invites the audience to participate physically, at will, invited both by four dancers and via messages sent on their smartphones. With dancers Ambre Cazier, Izaskun Insausti, David Mazon, Mario Garcia Saez, Pauline Lavergne, Loren Coquillat, Juliette César. This performance, still very alive to this day, can be presented in any indoor or outdoor space, at night or during day time, and can be part of any specific event (inauguration, opening of an exhibition, etc.).
Short video here and portfolio



« Maraya Arrouh (Mirrors of the soul)»: dance/digital arts performance, a duet, is an exemplary French-Moroccon collaboration, with the Cie Col’jam, mixing Soufi spirituality and questionnings around man-women relationships.
A short video can be seen here and portfolio
It has been presented on the beautiful stage of the Alban Minville Cultural Center, Toulouse, December 21, 2023.

And will be presented December 12, 2024, at the Kiasma Theater, Castelnau-le-Lez (Montpellier)


« F_AI_L », production 2024, questions the possibility of failure of an IA when it confronts and dialogues with the body, via the interactive comparison between normative and inhabitual mouvements. Created with artist programmer Clément Barbisan.
The portfolio is available here.

Following a residency at the Art&Science Center Le Quai des Savoirs, Toulouse, the next one is taking place at the Theater la Brique Rouge, Toulouse, France, January 22-27, 2024




« ROUE », production 2022, is a site specific outdoor performance for public spaces, conceived around the symbol of the circle, adaptable to any heritage based architectural location, either historical or contemporary, urban or natural. With/for 4 dancers-performeurs: Camille Revel, Jade Pélaprat, Naomi Charlot, Marie Giquel.
video excerpts and portfolio




Contacts: Jean-Marc Matos
Compagnie K. Danse
Production – touring: kdmatos@orange.fr +33 (0)6 11 77 54 56